What's New

iPad/iPhone Smith Chart App

[Jul. 25 2013] Donald Pinckney and Usama Riaz from the Davis High School have been working with Dr. Liu in their spare time to bring us a Smith chart app for the iPad. The latest version is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad platform. It also ships additional features such as a filter coupling matrix analysis tool.

Dr. Liu Receives 2013-14 UC Davis Hellman Fellowship Award

[Jul. 10 2013] Dr. Liu has been selected by the Hellman Family Foundation to be a 2013-14 UC Davis Hellman Fellow. The fellowship includes a cash award of $29,000, to be used in support of Professor Liu's research activities.

Zach won IEEE MTT-S Fellowship

[Jul. 10 2013] DART lab member Zachary Myers has been awarded the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Fellowship. The award consists of a certificate of recognition, a scholarship of $1500, and a travel supplement to attend an IEEE MTT-S sponsored conference.

Akash won DoD NDSEG Fellowship

[Apr. 11 2013] DART member Akash Anand has been awarded the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship for his research on low-loss high power handling tunable RF/microwave filters. Akash is the first UC Davis College of Engineering student to win this prestigious fellowship.


The primary Research focuses of the Davis Adaptive RF Technology (DART) lab include:
We are also committed to fostering STEM education at all levels through a variety of education and outreach activities, besides fulfilling university teaching obligations. We take full advantage of the resources at UC Davis and work closely with outside collaborators to benefit the local, regional and global community.

The DART lab is housed in Kemper Hall on the UC Davis campus and is led by Dr. Xiaoguang "Leo" Liu. Dr. Liu joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis as an assistant professor in Nov. 2011.

The DART lab is affiliated with the Davis Millimeter-wave Research Center (DMRC), which was founded in June 2008 as an industry university cooperative research program. The DMRC is broadly focused on fostering millimeter wave technology for wireless communications, radar, sensing, and imaging systems. The activities in the DMRC range from devices, integrated circuits, components and packaging, sub-systems to system implementation.
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